Hello Friends and Family,


Thank you for visiting this site. It means so much to us that you will be joining us on the 4th February 2017. We cannot wait to celebrate our wedding with you all!


As you know, we've been living together for a little while now and really have everything we need in the way of gifts and homeware. We are also now living in Singapore which means we're limited to a one-suitcase luggage allowance,  most of which will be taken up with Biltong (Darren), and NikNaks (Kate)!


In lieu of traditional wedding gifts we thought it would be a nice idea to suggest a small donation to a wonderful charity, in memory of both our Dads. Sadly our Dads never got to meet each other, but they both shared a huge love for sailing and the sea. Izivunguvungu is a fantastic charity who offer sailing classes and professional mentorship to disadvantaged kids from Cape Town's poorest areas. The kids they take come from incredibly poor backgrounds, often living in shacks, in neighbourhoods surrounded by violence and poverty. Izivunguvungu provide mentorship, education and a degree of hope. As well as this, they have recently partnered up with a local college to offer the opportunity of further education to some of the older children in an attempt to afford them a firmer foundation as they reach adulthood. You can watch a short film about the charity below.


The charity is small, and as such we've struggled to find a way to ensure everyone can donate via multiple currencies without too many fees. After much trawling of the internet we found this site which enables people to make a donation of any amount using a credit card from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately the site does charge a small service fee, however we found this to be considerably less than a lot of the standard charity websites. They also will pay all the funds to the charity directly in South Africa therefore avoiding further transfer charges.


To donate please click on the REGISTRY link on the top left of this page. You will then see the option to donate in multiples of $1 (sorry - unfortunately we can't change this to ZAR or GBP!)

Please let us know if you have any problems using the site or want any more information about the charity. You can email us on wilsonthornberrywed@gmail.com.

Thanks again and Lots of Love,

Kate & Darren xxx


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